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Looking for ways to save on satellite costs?

Instantly determine how much your organization could save by leveraging the cloud or getting on ramp to a hybrid cloud infrastructure for contribution and distribution

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Over 70% of organizations report that virtualization and cloud have delivered “real, measurable cost savings.” There is clear evidence of CapEx (capital expense) reduction. However, virtualization and cloud, especially with sophisticated management, also allows significant OpEx (operational expense) savings.

This free ROI calculator will help you evaluate your savings over 3 years in a contribution and distribution context.

Why does cloud matter in contribution and distribution?

The COVID-19 outbreak-induced changes in the media landscape show how much cloud is becoming relevant in media companies strategies, as a way to deploy and scale easily, to reduce time to market for new services or to reach new audiences. At Net Insight we have invested in off-the-shelf cloud solutions to help you seamlessly leverage the cloud for contribution and distribution purposes, allowing our customers to become more nimble and open up new revenue streams.

With this ROI calculator, you will easily be able to measure the benefits of cloud strategy in a contribution and distribution context, identifying how and where savings are most optimal. This tool is free and can be put to use today when defining your cloud strategy.

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